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Forget about ménage a trois, how about the mobile a trois?! Looks like smartphone addiction has reached a new high. How many of you use your phone during sex and not to sext? Well, according to a new study by tech company Jumio, 20% of you do.

After looking at 1,102 participants Jumio revealed that 9% of adults admit using their smartphone during sex. And 20% of adults between 18-34 admit to using it.

Are you surprised? We’re in a more committed relationship with our phone than our partner. The study also found that 72% of U.S. adults keep their smartphone within five feet of them the majority of the time.

Here’s a look at where else adults are using smartphones.

-35% in movie theater

-33% on dinner date

-32% at child’s school function

-55% while driving

-12% in the shower

-19% in church

Just a word to the wise, when it comes to using a smartphone in bed, that’s not a smart idea! First of all you shouldn’t be sending out twit pics or making Instagram videos. And if your partner is that easily distracted by their phone, the sex is obviously not that good and their not “n sync” with you.

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