Most Women Wait a Month before Going Sans Makeup in front of Beau

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Be honest ladies, how many have of you have snuck outta bed put on a coat of mascara and slipped back in under the covers, all to make your beau think you look perfect? We’ve all been there. Sorry to break it to ya fellas. What you see might just be an illusion and many women want to keep it that way at least in the early stages of your relationship.

According to a new survey, 80% of women say they wait at least a month before letting their new beau see them sans make-up.

And they’ll go to extreme lengths to achieve perfection and maintain the illusion of flawless skin. The survey found a third of women admit to deliberately getting up before their new boyfriend to secretly apply make-up before he wakes up because they do not dare to go bare in the first flushes of love.

A further 60 per cent of women use a simple trick and don’t even take their make-up off when they sleep with a new beau. This just proves how women are extremely hesitant to let a man see them without make-up until they’ve really gotten to know them.

Almost one in five (17 per cent) wait as long as two months, 16 per cent wait three to six months, 8 per cent keep up the flawless face facade for a whole year and 3 per cent never, ever let their man see them undone.

My opinion…why wait? I have nothing to hide on the inside or outside.

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