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Check out this steal of a deal in D.C.! You can get your hands on a penthouse for $1 per month. Say what?! There’s just one catch. Of course there is. You must be naked at all times!

The offer was posted on Craigslist. It clearly states by an anonymous lister: “Naked Roomate Wanted”.

But the living conditions don’t just involve nudity but also some touching. Here’s what the ad reads, mistakes and all:

“Want to live in a penthouse in chinatown for basically free ($1/month rent to make lease legal)? Then read on. I’m a male looking for another male (straight or bisexual w/girlfriend prefered, but masc gay is cool too) to be my naked roommate. Sounds crazy, but this is for real. You should be 26 or younger and very attractive. Arraignment would be mostly “looking” but some “touching” will be required (how much/often is negotiable).”

There are no words! So is this grope-for-rent deal legal? What happens when they turn 27? Or get cold? Do they have to be naked while only in the penthouse?

Huffington Post wondered the same thing so they reached out to D.C. landlord-tenant attorney Dorene Haney. She basically said this is one hot mess.

“I don’t think the fear of eviction could be eliminated because you can’t say certainly that the agreement would not be enforced.

And the landlord might try to evict the tenant, legally or not, if it were not performed. … I don’t think the nudity is illegal, but I don’t know if a court would enforce that part of the agreement either.”

So basically, anyone crazy enough to respond to this ad may want to have a legal contract. Also when you do your walk through make sure they have curtains and the heat works!

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