Woman Turns Front Yard into Giant Sandbox

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A house in Kansas City, Missouri is getting a lot of attention for its unique landscaping. Forget grass, this house is surrounded by sand.

Georgianna Reid says she made the hassle-free landscaping decision after contractors tore up her yard.

“Now being over 60 I’ve decided that I’ve owned the house for 33 years and that I wasn’t going to mow anymore or water.”

A lot of Reid’s neighbors aren’t a fan of the “sand lot”.

“I think the house looks revolting with all that out there.”

“It just doesn’t fit in. it just doesn’t fit in to the Brookside neighborhood I feel.”

But despite repeated complaints from neighbors the city says Reid isn’t violating any codes because the sand is being used for landscaping.

I can see why the house would leave a gritty taste in neighbors’ mouths. Especially, if she doesn’t keep her gigantic sandbox clean, or wind blows it into other people’s yards. There has to be a line drawn in the sand, somewhere. At the end of the day if she does do her part everything can be just “beachy”! Seriously, can’t we all just play nice together in the sandbox?

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