Oregon wildlife refuge occupation ends with arrest of final four hold outs

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BURNS, OR – It was surrender day for the final four protesters who have occupied an Oregon federal wildlife refuge since the first of the year.

FBI agents moved in and surrounded the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Center overnight. Three of the four hold-outs surrendered without incident, or rather, they turned themselves in, to use their words.

But 27-year-old David Fry was another matter. He refused to give up during several hours of tense negotiations, some of which was heard live on a talk show carried on YouTube.

At one point, it sounded as if Fry was going to kill himself or commit suicide by cop.

“It’s better to die with honor than be forced to live dishonorably. And so that’s what I’m doing. Until you guys can address my grievances, you guys will probably have to kill me or watch me kill myself. One of the two because you guys haven’t done anything for me.”

Fry eventually gave up, bringing an end to the 41-day occupation.

Authorities also arrested Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy when he stepped off a plane at Portland International Airport. He was on his way to join the occupiers.

Bundy’s son Ammon was one of the original occupiers. Feds arrested him earlier along with ten other members of his group after Oregon state police shot and killed another member at a roadblock.

In all, sixteen people were indicted for using force, threats, and intimidation against a government they claim uses force, threats, and intimidation against them and other American citizens.



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