Out of this world: Astronaut Buzz Aldrin fills the NCAA bracket

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HOUSTON, Texas - It's March Madness, and there's only one thing the world is talking about: the NCAA bracket!

You gotta pick a winner, and you gotta pick it fast, even if you know nothing about basketball.  Your buddies at work are nagging you to join the pool, and know-it-all kids are making you feel inadequate.  So, take a chance and shoot for the stars.

They say the odds of becoming an astronaut are higher than getting all of your bracket predictions right.  That's why Space Center Houston and Allstate Insurance Company invited former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, to science us out of this mess.

"I am an expert in predicting the unpredictable," he said. "I don't know that much about college basketball, but I rely more on the math to help crack the tournament code."

ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale joined him on stage, in order to bring some real expertise to the board.

"There are some teams out there that can create a lot of excitement," he expressed. "I'll give you one: Arizona.  I always pick my sleeper or Cinderella-teams.  You gotta be a five seed or higher.  Arizona is a six-seed team and I believe they have the potential and capabilities.  So, keep an eye on Arizona."

Amazingly, both the astronaut and the sports commentator picked the same champion: Michigan State University.  "I knew it," Aldrin laughed.

The challenge is on.  Millions of fans will follow the tournament and root for their favorite teams.  But the space guy is here to put things in perspective.

"Here we have 64 competitors, right?  We only had two: U.S. and Russia, and we won.  Besides, we had a bigger audience."

OK, now he's bragging.  But how can you compete with that?


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