HOUSTON (KIAH) About every two minutes, someone is diagnosed with ovarian cancer worldwide. With no standard recommendations for screening for ovarian cancer, outside of testing for it, doctors say awareness is best, and one foundation is doing just that.

The Ovarcome Foundation has worked for years to help women fighting and surviving ovarian cancer. Founder Runsi Ayona Sen started this foundation over 12 years ago, to honor her mother who died from ovarian cancer. Sen says “in honor of her mother Atashi and all women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Ovarcome was founded to create a loving community without social, religious, cultural and geographical borders. We believe the word Survivor gives power to cancer. We wanted to empower our Survivors instead. So, we coined the term Ovarcomer!”

Each year, the organization holds a “Zeal for Teal” conference, with Teal being the color that represents ovarian cancer, to talk about some of the issued involving ovarian cancer. Watch some of the sights and activities from the “Zeal for Teal” conference above. Then, for more resources and information to help you, your family or anyone you know who has Ovarian Cancer, go to Ovarcome’s website.