Overflow of Houston animals transported to Colorado

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HOUSTON, TX – In Houston, our cup runneth over with pets needing a good home.  At BARC, they see that first hand. They take in 25,000 animals a year, over 100 animals every day.

It’s simple economics really.  Houston has the supply, and Colorado has the demand.  That’s why the Rescued Pets Movement has stepped up, partnered with BARC and managed the transport of fifty-five dogs and cats to find loving homes a little farther north.

“It has been absolutely amazing.  We have more demand than we can supply,” says Cindy Perini, President and Co-Founder of Rescued Pets Movement.

Volunteers pack the animals up for their van ride over 800 miles to their new homes.  There’s going to be one of these caravans shipping out every week for the next four weeks.

Each animal costs about $50 to transport and the funds for that come from private donations on their website.  The more money they get, the more animals trade in cages, for wide-open spaces.

Donations not in the budget, but you still want to help?

Perini says, “There’s many ways to help, many ways to volunteer.  The more manpower we have, the more lives we can save.”

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