Oy Vey! There may be no knishes for Hanukkah!

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HOUSTON, TX – Two weeks before the start of Hanukkah, the nation might be facing a knish crisis.

The traditional Jewish comfort food is in shortage due to a fire in the world’s biggest knish factory. Now, that’s not kosher!

If you don’t know what a knish is here’s the spiel. Both Jews and gentiles have been stuffing their punim with the fried pillows of pureed potatoes since the turn of the century. Well, until now.

The problem is the factory that makes about 15 million knishes a year, Gabila’s on Long Island, New York, had a fire at the end of September which pretty much made their knishes kaput for the time being.

Ziggy Gruber, owner of Kenny and Ziggy’s New York Deli here in Houston knows his nosh. He showed us the knishes made daily at his restaurant and although his homemade round knishes have their fans, a lot of folks are kvetching that they can’t get the square ones made by Gabila’s.

The good news is that Gabila’s will be back to producing knishes for Thanksgiving and to that, we say mazel tov!

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