PA judge wins $291-million Powerball lottery, brother wins $7

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MARATHON, FL – Florida, the land of sunshine, and the latest news that’s even better than the arrival of the phone book.

The latest Powerball winning ticket came from Florida. And it was a judge from Bethlehem, PA, who bought it during a fishing trip with friends.

James Stocklas was back home having coffee at a restaurant when he read a headline that someone bought the $291-million lottery ticket in Florida.

When he looked at his ticket, every number was a match.

The judge bought breakfast for everyone in the restaurant.

He and his two fishing buds will get around $40 million each from the ticket he got while buying a bag of ice.

He says he’s going to spend some money helping out his family.

And that might include his brother Bob, who also had a winning ticket.

Bob won seven bucks.

Maybe his rich bro will take him on the next trip.

Someone’s gotta fetch ice and clean the fish.


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