Pandemic Hangover: 27% of adult drinkers consumed more alcohol during quarantine


HOUSTON (CW39) Restaurants, bars and alcohol retailers could be quite busy as we head into another summer with the pandemic. Researches from GWI, a leading audience targeting and consumer research company, surveyed US adults’ alcohol habits while also exploring the impact of COVID on their alcohol consumption and usage. 

Researchers found the pandemic drove 27% of adults to drink more overall than they normally would. Many were open to trying something new when it came to their alcohol consumption habits: 25% said they tried new brands of alcohol and 24% said they tried new types of alcohol. 

The quarantine also impacted when adults would consume alcohol: 17% said they consumed alcohol at times of the day they normally wouldn’t.

Millennials at-home intake grew from 44% to 50% and Gen Xs from 38% to 42%. But that’s not to say that the pandemic forced Americans to replace social drinking with at-home drinking. During the same time frame, the portion of Gen Z drinkers who consume alcohol outside the home regularly or often grew from 31% to 33%, Millennials from 38% to 42%, Gen Xs from 24% to 26% and Baby Boomers remained steady at 16%. 

As many cities eased restrictions on purchasing alcohol from bars and restaurants, 12% said they purchased alcohol from a local establishment to take home.

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