Parachute delivered grilled cheese will be dropping over NYC soon

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NEW YORK, NY – It reads like the screen-play to a kids movie: food falling from the sky! But parachuting grilled cheese sandwiches might really be raining down on New York City soon, if an Australian eatery has its way! Grilled cheese makers from Down Under have announced plans to bring their parachute-delivered sandwiches to the Big Apple and by the looks of their promotional video, things are looking up for this falling food franchise!

Melbourne based “Jafflechutes” (named for the Aussie word for grilled cheese “jaffle”) is about to launch it’s new lunch concept out of a window, with sandwiches tethered to a parachute, in hopes that their flying grilled cheese catches on with hungry New Yorkers.

The way it works is simple. Jafflechutes announces via social media “where and when” their cheese will fall, cause the location is still up in the air. Interested parties can then pre-order on Paypal $5 for cheese and tomato or $6 for cheese and ham. The last step is to stand on an ‘X’ indicating the drop zone and look up! Gravity does the rest.

So, will these parachuting grilled cheese sandwiches take-off or will they crash and burn? Who knows? But those staring at the sky waiting for a snack, be warned, pigeons rule the skies over New York City and you definitely don’t want to be in their bomb sights!





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