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DETROIT, MI – The 40-year-old Detroit paramedic, Joseph Hardman, was doing life-saving CPR on a heart attack patient (en route to the hospital) when he realized he had a problem.

“My first indication was a sudden explosion-like feeling in my chest that never went away,’ explains Hardman. ‘It just BOOM, it was there.”

Like his patient, the 15 year veteran EMT was having a heart attack.

“When I started to have that full body sweat come over me that’s when I knew I was in trouble and that got progressively worse to the point where it became debilitating and I was unable to function at all by the time I got to the hospital.”

Hardman continued CPR; but warned his partner (who was driving) there would be two patients when they arrived at the ER.

Tests show Hardman had a massive blockage in what’s called the ‘Widow maker’ artery, but he survived.

He says, “I can say for fairly certain that I – if I hadn’t have been in the position I was in… um I would be deceased.”

His doctor, Michael Brown, agrees, “I’d have to say one in a million is about appropriate.”

“I can only say it’s a miracle and that man’s a hero,’ says close friend Joe Barney. ‘Here’s a guy that was having a heart attack and picked up a patient who for all essential purposes was dead.”

Happily, both live on to tell their heart stopping story.