Parents get punched at high school wrestling match

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OCONOMOWOC, Wisconsin -- Fighting at a high school wrestling match doesn't seem all that odd, considering the sport is called 'wrestling.' However, it was the parents who were brawling at the high school event.

Cell phone video captured by parent Shannon Goodman shows other parents trying to break up a fight that broke out at Wisconsin's Oconomowoc High School during the conference tournament.

Apparently, one parent was blocking another's view, and that was enough to get the fists flying. The video allegedly shows a woman getting wailed on by a father who was in the crowd. The Oconomowoc Police Chief says that man was arrested on a battery charge, and now cops are reviewing Shannon Goodman's cell phone video, hoping it'll help them get to the bottom of this brawl.

Let's take this a lesson in how not to be a good sport.


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