Parents want 16-year-old to have abortion, teen sues

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HOUSTON, TX – Expecting your first child isn’t easy, especially at 16. Harder yet, when your parents want you to terminate the pregnancy. This is a dilemma one Houston area girl is facing.

So this teen, represented by The Texas Center for Defense of Life, filed a lawsuit against her parents. The girl, nine weeks into her pregnancy is asking the court to prevent her parents from forcing her to have an abortion against her will.

According to the petition, her parents threatened her with physical and verbal abuse, took her phone and car away, removed her from school, and were forcing her to get two jobs because she was refusing to give in to her parent’s coercion to have an abortion.

The 16-year-old girl is asking that the court declare that she has the right, under federal constitutional law, to make her own reproductive decisions, including the decision to carry her child to term and give birth.

Should a 16-year-old be allowed to make her own decisions, or should the decision be left up to her parents?

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