HOUSTON (KIAH) — In the second part of Brad Gilmore’s conversation with Matthew McConaughey on CW39 Spotlight, the star goes even deeper into his new book, “Just Because.” McConaughey, known for his profound reflections and trademark charm, sheds light on what inspired his latest written venture and how his personal life intertwines with his professional pursuits.

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The Oscar-winning actor not only shares tidbits from his book but also offers glimpses into his life, reminiscing about moments that shaped him both as an artist and as an individual. If the first part left you wanting more, the continuation of this chat will quench your thirst for more McConaughey wisdom.

Missed the first part? Catch up HERE.

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Don’t miss out! Watch the full interview on CW39 Spotlight and let Matthew McConaughey take you on another enlightening journey. The full interview with Matthew McConaughey can be found here. The interview promises a heartwarming exchange, filled with laughter, wisdom, and plenty of classic McConaughey charm.

You can get a copy of Just Because in stores today or by clicking here.

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