Party lines may bring an end to the party

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HOUSTON, Tx. — News flash!!!
Politics is still the great divide, even more than race or sex.

“People are reluctant to discriminate on the basis of ethnicity or race, or at least hide it. They have no qualms about effectively favoring a fellow republican or fellow democrat.” said Rice University Political Scientist, Mark Jones.

A new study out of Stanford and Princeton says only 9 percent of couples stray across party lines.

“By and large, what we see is, Republicans marry fellow republicans and Democrats marry fellow Democrats.” according to Jones

For some, that`s not the ideal.

“Unless they were hardcore opposite of what I think and disagreed with me on everything, but I think it`s healthy and important to have different beliefs and different opinions on things.” said Rebecca Hawkins.

James Cargas, a U.S. Congressional candidate agrees saying , “I think that debate is healthy.  Getting ideas out and discussing them, and voting where your heart is and where you think the nation ought to go.”

But the ideal isn`t always the reality.

“Politics and religion are two things that can often get you in quite a bit of trouble but so can talking about the Aggies or Longhorns.” added Jones.

For couples and colleagues alike, the general rule — it’s okay to party together, just don’t bring up the party lines.



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