Pasadena street shows its age with potholes

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PASADENA, TX – This week’s Pothole is coming to you from Pasadena. We got a few emails from a woman who’s been trying to get the potholes on her street fixed since the day they moved in, over 15 years ago! Check it out.

Jocelyne Aguilar lives on the street and contacted us to cover this pothole, here’s what she had to say, “It’s been like this for 15 years, since we moved in here in 1999 and we’ve been talking to city hall for years and nobody’s been out to fix it. Not only is it a hazard, it’s just ugly to see, it’s terrible. There’s a lot of kids that live here and most of them live around these houses, but they play on the only good side of the street because they can’t play here. I remember when I was little and my little nephew when he comes over, he likes to borrow my scooter, and he trips on the cracks and the potholes here, getting scrapes and it’s just awful. I just want them to fix the street. It’s giving the street a bad reputation. Fix it so nobody can get hurt, cars won’t get broken, and just make this look like a nice street.”


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