Passenger spills hot tea on her herself, sues airline

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NASHVILLE, TN – It seems like every spill these days causes a lawsuit?  This spill involved tea, but not Texas T.  Cold tea wasn’t the problem for Angelica Keller on her Southwest Airlines flight last December. The Tennessee woman ordered hot tea and that’s what they brought her.

We’d have probably never heard about this except while concocting her brew Keller spilled the hot water into her lap; particularly her groin area.

Keller’s lawsuit alleges the water was ‘extremely hot water… too hot for use in an aircraft’ and that it caused second degree burns and permanent scarring.  Now she’s suing the airline for more than their peanuts.  She wants $300,000 for medical bills, pain and suffering. As well as $500,000 punitive damages since the front row she sat in doesn’t have tray tables. No, but you get more legroom and are one of the first off the plane. Southwest is reviewing the incident but points out they safely serve 100 million onboard drinks every year.

Despite her injuries, for Keller, this cup of tea may be the equivalent to striking oil.



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