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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Forty eight years ago violence at the Democratic National Convention would make history during an era of political turbulence. Fort eight hours ago it would do much the same with threats of violence forcing cancellation of a Donald Trump rally and protesters out in full force for the next one.

Now Thomas Dimassimo is jailed in Ohio. Police says he`s the stage jumper that gave Trump a scare. Trump says he could`ve taken him though.

“I don’t know if I would have done well, but I would’ve been boom, boom boom (gesticulates with his fist as if punching someone), I’d beat that (moves his lips silently as if to say ‘crap out of him’),” said Trump, (R) presidential candidate

Trump`s words, yet another example of the campaigner encouraging violence, say his detractors.

“This is a man who keeps implying violence, and then you end up getting what you see,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders, (D) presidential candidate. “So I think that he in fact has got to tell his supporters that in the United States of America, you don’t go beating up people.  The people have a right to peacefully protest.”

With violent protests and police pepper spraying crowds at Trump rallies, there hasn`t been much peace on the campaign trail. Now Trump says he`s going to start filing charges against the protesters.

Other candidates say the diatribe is getting difficult to stomach.

Senator Marco Rubio, (R) presidential candidate, says having Trump as the nominee will “shatter and fracture” the party.

“I still at this moment continue to intend to support the Republican nominee, but it’s getting harder everyday,” said Rubio.