Patriotism: The message of waving the flag


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Grego sounds off on patriotism and waving the Stars and Stripes:

"Rights or wrongs? Washington Redskins asked Robert Griffin III  to turn his "Know Jesus Know Peace" t-shirt inside out at a presser because it wasn't Nike.. I'm okay with that, biz or b.s. he needs to do what his employer- the team asks of him. A school in Arkansas makes a female student change her "Virginity Rocks" t-shirt.. I'm ok with that, too. Good message but inappropriate school attire, could be distracting to others. Students should dress for success! In south carolina on September11, a high school principal decided to confiscate American flags from student's cars in the parking lot!! This I'm not okay with!
At school, the first thing you learn in kindergarten is the Pledge of Allegiance!! To our flag, of the United States of America! Displays of patriotism should be encouraged not punished. Like the English language, the flag provides a way for all people to unite, feel pride and community over. Real talk, like being a member of a gang.. of good guys! After all, we are a great nation that is currently under assault by evil! We shouldn't have to wait for more planes to knock down buildings for a groundswell of patriotism! And promoting love of country just might help clear the heads of the confused souls born here turned traitors recruited by terror groups. The phrase don't know what you got until it's gone comes to mind. Like, I can almost guarantee American Matthew Miller who went to North Korea and tore up his visa- sentenced this week to six years hard labor would -kill to be back on red, white and blue soil. USA all the way!"


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