Paul McCartney files federal lawsuit to get back his Beatles song rights

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NEW YORK — Sir Paul McCartney wants his Beatles songs back to where they once belonged, and that’s why the former Beatles filed a lawsuit against Sony Music Publishing to get his songs back.

The pop legend has been trying to get his ‘babies’ back since 1985 when Michael Jackson out-bid McCartney for the Beatles song catalog.

The bidding war back then created a famous rift between the two superstars, and Jackson owned the songs till the day he died.

But then Jackson’s estate sold the rights to Sony for $750 million last year.

So, McCartney is taking on Sony in federal court, and now McCartney is singing a different tune with his attorneys.

The superstar said he is entitled to reclaim all his songs thanks to the 1976 Copyright Act.

But last year, Sony won a similar suit against the band Duran Duran— thanks to a United Kingdom court.

Will this ‘Beatlemania’ ever end for McCartney?


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