Pay your Taxes at 7-11

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HOUSTON, TX - Take a look around, if you haven`t noticed, the world is turning green with the almighty 'dolla dolla bills ya`ll' and the advertisers doing every thing they can to empty our pockets. Check out these newest gimmicks to take your greenbacks.

Whataburger`s catering to a younger crowd, they want 9th to 12th graders to send promposal pics, for a chance to win a perfect prom night package. We’re talkin, limo service, orange corsage, and a linen topped dinner at the luxurious Whataburger. All you have to do is buy some 'of their food' and snap a pic with it.

Domino`s got a new app making it easier to get their pizza to you, maybe too easy. Simply download the app, open it, and that's it. Forget to cancel within 10 seconds, and you just bought a pizza.   Ten seconds? Come on !! Parents with kiddos beware.

What about new Slurpee tax? You can actually pay your taxes in cash at more than 7,000 - 7-11’s nationwide thanks to the I.R.S. Sounds safe right? Pay up to a thousand bucks a day with a $3.99 fee per payment. Guess that way everyone gets a piece of the pie. Use this feature early though; payments could take 7 to 10 days to process. Oh, one more bit of advice when taking a grand 'in cash' to the convenience store. Try not to get robbed.



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