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paypalOMAHA, NE – Wasn’t it Captain Kirk who called space ‘the final frontier’? If that’s true, you knew it wouldn’t be long before business found a way to cash in on that last bastion of potential commerce.

Enter Paypal. They’re working on a new way for space travelers to shop and get paid while heading off to Mars or other interstellar destinations.

Paypal Galactic will be like “cosmic currency”, separate from cash as we know it.

And for doubters that this will happen any time soon, the president of Paypal, David Marcus, says this is a very real future, “The first commercial spaceflights are happening in December. There’s another consortium that is going to launch a space hotel in about three years.”

And moonwalker Buzz Aldrin’s all for it! “I think humans will reach Mars, and I’d like to see the commitment to that made during my lifetime,” says the aging astronaut and scientologist. “When all of this happens, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Paypal Galactic pay for the small things and the big ones.”

With an endorsement like that, expect other web companies to launch outer space versions, too.

Maybe… Milk-eBay?  Spacebook? Instagrav…ity?

Alright, even we know when it’s time to make like a rocket and take off!