Pediatricians urge teen girls who have sex to use IUDs

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CHICAGO, Illinois -- Having sex without protection is like playing with a loaded pistol.   The American Academy of Pediatrics says that teen girls who have sexual relations should use a intrauterine device (IUD) or hormonal implants because they're the safest and most effective long-acting birth control methods.

Boys aren't off the hook, though.  Doctors say condoms are still needed to prevent diseases.  But, what's wrong with the pill?  It helped jumpstart the sexual revolution and the liberation of women.  Now the pill is not good enough?

"If a young person is trying to take a pill every day it's likely that they'll forget it, or that they'll forget to renew the prescription and not take it for a week,"  explained Michelle S. Barratt, M.D., M.P.H. at UTHealth.  "During those times of not successful use they can become pregnant."

Inserting IUDs and hormonal implants requires a costly medical procedure.  But in the long run they're cheaper than birth control pills and condoms.  Also, you should check with your health insurance: they might even cover the full amount.

"The nice thing about IUDs and also the implants, " said Dr. Barratt , "is that they're there. You don't have to think about them before you have sex; they're there to prevent the pregnancy."

IUDs, DUIs… it's all about preventing accidents.  So, protection, protection, protection.  Teenagers, that's the best way to take care of your property.

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