People relations are breaking down

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Grego talks about race relations and how people relations as a whole suck!

"Starbucks is catching flak for telling its baristas to engage customers in conversations about race! Admittedly, it does sound a little out of place while you wait on your carmel machiato but at least the company`s CEO is making an attempt to address race relations and make a difference. But I believe the world's problem is bigger than race. 'People' relations as a whole suck! Not because people are stupid. No, replace that word with selfish! We`ve lost the most basic principle of choosing to be nice to one another, treating others the way we wish to be treated. A woman I was discussing this with blames social media, and the me, me, me platform. I blame the web and reality TV too! Far from real! Real Housewives, The Khardashians and shows of similar ilk glorifying the most despicable examples of the way people treat one another, it says to others, this is the way to success, fame and the high life, and they imitate it! Garbage in, garbage out. Compassion for our fellow man is necessary lest you enjoy fighting everything and everyone, every day! Life without community is pointless. Laugh at Starbucks if you like, but you and I need to make change happen by doing our part too, with love, good will, sympathy and kindness. Do those simple things and consider yourself making the world a better place!"


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