Pet dog kills 4-year-old left alone with child in Texas family’s backyard 

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CONVERSE, Texas — A Bexar County Family is mourning the death of their 4-year-old son after the child was killed after being left alone in the backyard with their pet dog, according the sheriff’s office.

Noah Trevino was attacked and killed over the weekend when he was left to play alone in the backyard.  Just a 4-year-old and a dog chained to the fence right outside their Converse home— about 15 miles northeast of San Antonio.  According to the sheriff, the canine grabbed Noah by the neck when the child got too close.

One of Noah’s relatives looked outside and saw the dog viciously shaking the defenseless little boy.

“You know, even if a dog does not show any outward signs of aggression— sometimes they can be unpredictable.”

Family members managed to free Noah from the dog and even do CPR until an emergency crew arrived. But his injuries were too severe.

The dog, described only as a large mixed-breed,was taken into custody by animal control for observation and rabies testing.  Authorities will also euthanize the animal.

The sheriff believes there is a point to sharing this awfully sad story with others. “It’s just best to always be vigilant when you’re dealing with a small child and a dog like that. It does serve as a reminder that we just absolutely need to be on our toes.”

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