Pet ownership is good for the heart

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HOUSTON, TX – Owning a pet may mean a lot more than just adding a member to your family.

Turns out that other than just being great companions, pets are can be good for your heart health as well.

Dr. John Higgins with UTHealth and Harris Health System explained, “It not only helps your physical health but also your emotional, and your stress health too.”

Dogs need their daily walks, and so they benefit you by getting you out of house to get some much needed exercise. There’s an added bonus to that daily walk.

Dr. Higgins explains, “There are typically about 3 interactions with other humans, and you know, we’re a very social race.”

Meera Nandlal with the Houston SPCA says, “Elderly people who own a pet have a sense of fulfillment, children want to share more, people with psychiatric conditions are happier, so there are a lot of benefits to owning a pet, it does many things for your overall health.”

The Houston SPCA is one great option for finding a new furry friend that benefits more than just you.

“You know that you’ve saved a life and you’ve given an animal a second chance at life and love,” said Nandlal.

Give it a second thought. Killing two birds with one stone (OK, maybe a bad choice in words). But you get it, you stay healthy and the animals stay alive too.

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