Philadelphia Eagles WR Riley Cooper caught using the ‘N’ word

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rileyPHILADELPHIA, PA – Home cooker Paula Deen has got to be saying ‘what the fudge’ today.

She lost her show on the Food Network, along with a bunch of business partnerships after a former employer said Paula used the ‘N’ word several years ago.

That’s a ‘no-no’ that can get you into big trouble.

Apparently, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper didn’t get that memo. A cell phone video caught him using the ‘N’ word at a Kenny Chesney concert back in June when Chesney’s people wouldn’t let him back stage.

Cooper got a butt chewing from the top brass, and probably his folks, which prompted a quick and contrite apology.

“That’s not the person I am. And, um, I wasn’t raised that way. I’ve got a great mom and dad at home. And, um, they’re extreme, extremely disappointed in me.”

Cooper has to pay a monetary fine to the team, but even though his teammates may forgive him, he might end up paying a bigger, painful fine from opposing players, a fine that starts at the knees.



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