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rubioHOUSTON, TX – When Houstonian Hector Vela boarded the plane in Miami that day in April, Roy Orbison must have been his wing-man as he looked up and saw the Mexican singer Paulina Rubio on the same flight walking down the aisle, a pretty woman, the kind that made him smile.

She looked as lovely as can be, and she was flying coach, just like he.

So, he says as they were getting off the plane in Houston, he asked Paulina to stop a while, and asked the pretty woman to give him a smile into his camera.

And after taking her picture, that’s when he noticed she was walking back to him, but not in the pretty woman way he expected.

“She became really aggressive towards him, approached him along with two other gentlemen,’ he said through his attorney Ivan J. Capellan. ‘One of them wasn’t involved, the other just took the camera after she assaulted, kneed Mr. Vela in his private area, in his groin, and then she took his camera.”

In the lawsuit Vela filed this week, Vela says he offered to delete the pictures, but he couldn’t do that because they kept his camera.

And on top of that, she took his dignity when she gave him groin pains that he says is worth $75,000.