Another picture of parent overdosed with baby in backseat goes viral

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HOPE TOWN, Ind. — Another disqualified contestant for Mother of the Year 2016.

“It's not to embarrass this girl or bring shame on this girl, that was never my intention by releasing the photo,” said Marshal Matthew Tallent of Hope Town.

Well, it's a little too late for that now! The syringe in her hand says it all! A picture of Erika Hurt, 25, was taken by Hope Town police when they found her passed out in an apparent drug overdose.

What's worse? Her 10-month-old son was crying his eyes out in the back seat!

“I don't know why or what in her mind made her think that would be an okay decision because it was not okay,” said Jami Smith, Hurt's mother.

Police found Hurt in the parking lot of a Dollar General and revived her using the opiate antidote Narcan.

Her mother was jailed for violating probation and charges were filed against her for child neglect and possession of drug paraphernalia, adding to her list of problems in life.

She joins a tragic trend of parents found OD'd in their cars. Like the one in Massachusetts where a 2-year-old was tugging to wake her mom passed out in the middle of Family Dollar. Or the Ohio grandma who overdosed with her 8-month-old grandson in the back seat.

If you're looking for a bright side, the trend she dodged was becoming one of the 78 Americans that die of an opiate overdose every day in America - according to the CDC.

As trends go, 'Parents overdosing with their kids in the car' is one we wouldn't mind seeing a whole lot less.

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