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HOUSTON-  “You don’t plan for a flood. You don’t plan that a natural disaster is going to happen to your house and your family” says photographer,Tomayia Colvin.

Colvin also knew, senior pictures would be the last thing on the list for most students who were flooded out of their homes during the Tax Day floods. So, she volunteered to take the pictures for free.

Makeup artists Andonnia Maiben and Koi Doucet donated their time and skills too… which was great news for the students like Jaye Wilson. “It means a lot. This is actually not my first time being flooded like that bad- it’s our third time, and so you lose everything. But it’s your graduation year and you’re trying to figure out expenses… and to see that someone actually cares about something so minor- because it seems minor in the grand scheme of things. It’s really nice.”

“This is wonderful, that she has the time, and the heart, and the will to help out her community” says  Adriana Luviano, whose son Cruz Hernandez, had his pictures taken. “I think them giving up their day to take the time to do this for us is really a blessing and I appreciate everything, because without them, I don’t know how I would’ve gotten my pictures” says Shaumica Clemons fighting back years.

Today was “picture perfect” for these grads, thanks to the talents and generosity of a few fellow Houstonians.