Pineapple Express Pounds West Coast

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The Pineapple Express has caused quite a mess on the west coast.
Flooding in Sonoma County Friday night forced folks to get outta bed, put on their galoshes, and head for higher ground.

The heavy rain got so bad in Russian River that an entire trailer park had to be shut down.

Water pumps that were moved in to help pump the water out could not keep up with mother nature.
A lot of those homes are now considered uninhabitable and rescue crews had to help evacuate folks from their water-logged houses.

The heavy rain wasn`t even the worst of it! Can you believe there was a tornado in Los Angeles?

Folks there couldn’t believe it. There were no reports of injuries but people were still pretty freaked out.

The rain`s putting a dent in the historic three-year drought on the west coast but it`s also causing a lot of problems for people there, too.

You know what they say? When it rains, it pours.


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