Playboy lists top party schools in the country

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U.S. – The schools were picked by Playboy’s editors, who considered feedback from readers, students, alumni, campus representatives and others. They also rated things like male to female ratios, academics, athletic records and the number hot spots nearby.

Congratulations go to The University of Virginia for topping the list. The administration must be proud.

University of Texas at Austin made it into the number four spot. Parents what did you think your kids would be doing when you sent them there?

TCU snuck onto the list at number nine. Yes, Texas Christian University. Who knew? There must be a serious underground party scene going on in Fort Worth.

It’s worth noting here that TCU didn’t make the cut on party school lists from Princeton Review and Newsweek. But seriously, which one would you trust more on this one, Newsweek or Playboy?

That’ snot the only Texas school getting some recognition. On a separate Playboy list, Southern Methodist University got title of number one nightlife school because of the number of bars in Dallas County.

What will the wholesome parents of students at Texas Christian University and Southern Methodist University have to say about this Playboy association?


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