Pokemon creators catch flak

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HOUSTON – Pokemon GO game creators are catching a lot of flak these days for perceived being insensitive with some of their Poke-stop Sites.  The hugely popular interactive game that set a new Apple record for the most app store downloads in its first week, have Poke stop sites located in places that people deem is in poor taste.

One of the sites is a Chinese restaurant in Killen, Texas, where one of the worse mass killings in US History took place. The site, then a Luby’s restaurant, is a place that the  game encourages people to visit to catch Pokemon and refill on game items. The site, aptly named on the games as, The site of the Luby’s massacre, is opening wounds that the town of Killeen and the nation would rather let heal.

However, this is not the only Pokemon site with dredged in negativity. There are also stops like Ground Zero in New York, the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, and even at cemetery sites across the nation.

So what do the people of Houston have to say about the game’s landmark choices.  Houstonian resident, Audrey Patillo did not think fondly of the notion of having her personal space invaded by gamers.

“I feel like it is pretty insensitive to go to places where people are mourning or worshipping.”

Fellow Houstonian Jayme seconded Audrey’s sentiments.

“The game itself is a fun game and fun to play, but we need to be respectful toward those who have loved ones in the memorial sites.”

Well, hopefully we can catch a hold of this situation before it’s get out of hand and search for a solution that is beneficial to all parties.


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