Poker player wins $10 million in World Series of Poker

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LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Anyone who plays poker knows it’s about laying it all on the table.

A poker-pro from Sweden won first place in the World Series of Poker and walked away with a $10 million prize.

Who needs bragging rights with that type of money?

Martin Jacobson, 27,  swept out two other European finalists at the championship in Las Vegas. His winning hand was a pocket pair of 10’s which defeated ace-nine suited in hearts. Jacobson picked up a 10 on the flop and went on to win the bracelet and the top prize of 10 million dollars.

“I think I’m in shock,” he said. “I’m not really feeling anything. I just feel super weird.”

And Caesars Entertainment Corp. , the company that owns the World Series of Poker, says it’s the first time three Europeans took the tournament’s top prizes.

Talk about having a lucky hand.

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