Police chase ends when truck crashes into house

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HOUSTON, TX – You can call it a wake up call, but it was definitely a close call for a 65-year-old grandmother on East Hardy. It seems running cars through houses is becoming a popular trend in the Bayou City.

Houston cops say the driver of a white Ford F-150 truck left the El Reventon Sports Bar without headlights, and nearly hit another driver. So, when they tried to pull the 22-year-old driver over, the guy took off, they followed, the guy ended up hitting a tree and finally stopped right in the front of a home on East Hardy. Right where granny was sleeping!

Other than having to crawl out of the mess, amazingly the woman wasn’t hurt and neither were the other four people inside.

Unfortunately, the driver wasn’t so lucky. HPD says the 22-year-old kid died.



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