Police chase suspect says he’s innocent, police say ‘not so fast’

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HARRIS COUNTY, TX – In this week’s episode of Houston’s Dumbest Criminals: an alleged speed demon is caught and cuffed, but just wait ’til you hear his excuse! Let’s start at the beginning.

2am – North Freeway near Aldine Bender.

Police clock a Dodge Charger going 95mph, and attempt to pull over the speed racer.

Does he stop? Of course not!

The driver exits, ditches his ride and hauls his wanted butt into the woods.

K-9, DPS helicopter and Precinct Four constable deputies search for the guy for half an hour.

That’s when an officer spots his suspect nonchalantly walking down the street. Gotcha!

What do you have to say for yourself, sir?

“They got the wrong person…and there’s a misunderstanding because I got into a fight earlier, and I got scars on my face so they’re suggesting that it’s me but it’s not,” pleaded the suspect from the back of the patrol car.

“They pulled on the side of me when I was walking. I was never in no vehicle.”

Kendrick Johnson, 23, swears he’s innocent, but cops say, “liar, liar pants on fire!”

They say after finding marijuana and crack cocaine in his car, Johnson admitted to law enforcement that he didn’t want to stop because he knew police would smell the pot. (They did, by the way)

So, instead of a simple speeding ticket, Johnson was popped for felony evading, possession of controlled substance and failing to identify.

That, my friends, is why they call it dope!

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