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CYPRESS, Texas — A Cy-Fair Independent School District teacher is accused of preying on a vulnerable student, taking the girl’s virginity and giving her a sexually transmitted disease in the process.

Justin Washington, 26 , is charged with improper relationship with student.

According to Cy-Fair ISD police, Washington was a teacher at Hamilton Middle School when he struck up a relationship with a female student at Cypress Creek High School.

The two became close last summer, which is when the alleged inappropriate contact happened.

The student, who is now 18 years old, told investigators Washington gave her drugs and had sex with her multiple times.

During an interview with investigators on April 2, Washington allegedly admitted to having consensual sexual contact with the student, which he casually called “a fling,” not a relationship. He also admitted that he was aware that the girl was a high school student in the district.

Investigators then informed him that it was against the law to have sex with a student, despite his or her age, if you are an educator, to which he responded, “I do understand that.”

Washington went on to further admit that he had sex with the student at least four or five times at cheap motels and at his apartment.

The teen told investigators that Washington told her, “Maybe I can relive the high school sneaking out days with you.”

The teen said she was a virgin before she met Washington, and revealed that he gave her an STD.

“I wanted to be loved and I don’t know why, but I wanted it from him. I didn’t think that he was just using me,” she said.

The student went on to say that her brother had recently died and she was in a “vulnerable place,” adding that Washington, “acted like he wanted to be there for me.”

Charges were filed against Washington Wednesday and a warrant was issued for his arrest.