Police looking for suspect who attacked entire family, and killed 3-week-old baby

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LONG BEACH, California – A gruesome and unthinkable crime has police in California desperately seeking answers. Investigators are searching for a suspect who kidnapped and killed a three-week-old baby girl and shot three of her family members. Eliza Delacruz, the infant girl, was found dead in a dumpster behind a restaurant south of San Diego.

The girl’s father, mother and uncle were each shot the day before, more than 100 miles away, at a home in Long Beach. The mother and uncle were seriously injured, but the father has been released from the hospital. Police have no motive for the crime but believe the attacker knew the victims. Neighbors of the family are stunned that they would be targeted in such an attack.

Now, investigators hope surveillance cameras near where the baby was found will help them identify a suspect.



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