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WARSAW, POLAND – Poland’s biggest coffin producer showed off their hot products by releasing a raunchy calendar that blurs the line between loss and lust. But the sexy caskets in the catalog are the last nail in the coffin for the Catholic Church, which condemns the semi-clad chicks on the caskets as blasphemy.

Polish coffin company Lindner is heating up the Vatican these days, over the firm’s frisky 2013 casket calendar. The pages feature the company’s wares along with drop dead gorgeous models wearing close to nothing at all.

Hot chicks and caskets are a winning combination for Mr. Lindner and his coffin company. The sales are up and the stiffs just keep on coming, but the church is crying foul by saying human death should be respected and not mixed with sex.

Lindner on the other hand, sees his coffins as a product and not a religious symbol. So, if you’re going to go; why not go out with a bang. Built with plenty of love and care, Lindner coffins will continue to put the “fun” in funeral; so long as there are still clients dying to buy them.