Politicians are good at one thing – scaring you

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I guess there’s no more going back to the future anymore. We hit that day in the DeLorean and spent the last day or so keeping score about whether we have things like flying cars, hover boards and flux capacitors.

If anything, this little exercise in time travel has given us a chance at look at how we predict the future; and when it comes to making predictions, no group does it more than politicians.  Sure, sometimes they’re just plain wrong, but many times they are so wrong it’s scary!!

Fear is the best thing anyone in Washington sells when political battles are at stake. Remember the last election?

All those things we were told to fear? Didn’t happen. Just like  predictions of  $5 dollar a gallon  gas. The stock market crashing. And death panels deciding if you live or not.

Democrats are no better.   “Fear” works when wondering where Republicans spread the wealth.

Now, I don’t know what the future holds, but I can tell you this: For the next year,  expect anyone running for office to scare the hell out of you.

It’ll be like this.

Yeah , the scare tactics don’t work for me. Maybe Doc Brown got it right years ago, because this is what we should tell any politician that tries to freak us out.




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