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HEMPSTEAD, NY – In a world troubled by wars and Wall Street came two men with plans to lead us out of the darkness.

‘He’ was the one called Obama, the one who promised hope and change.

And ‘He’ was the Romney from the Right.

But to those whose lives hung in the balance, they were the warriors of Hofstradome.

Tonight’s debate at Hofstra University is round two of a scheduled three-rounder.

President Obama seemed to be coasting to a second term, but his mental no-show in Denver, together with the unveiling of Romney 2.0, shifted the polls, which the president needs to re-shift tonight.

Gov. Romney goes into the debate with momentum on his side, and his wife says he’s ready to rumble.

But even as technicians put the finishing touches on the stage for tonight’s televised debate, political static hit the airwaves and internet, thanks, largely to Jason Thompson, son of former Wisconsin governor and current candidate for US Senate Tommy Thompson.

The younger Thompson told an informal gathering that ‘We have the opportunity to send President Obama back to Chicago, or Kenya.’

At first daddy said he didn’t know what his son said, but later issued an apology and said he would take care of it later.

And then what seemed like a good idea turned out not so good. Handlers for Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan thought washing dishes at an Ohio soup kitchen would make a good photo-op.

But the guy who runs the soup kitchen spilled the beans that the dishes Ryan washed were already cleaned. Seems the guy wasn’t happy about the campaign using his charity for political purposes.