Poll: Should Houston Rockets’ James “The Beard” Hardin be traded?


HOUSTON (CW39) In Clutch city news, the Houston Rockets are not only debuting their new blue city edition uniform. They’ll have a corresponding blue court to match. It will be the first time in years Houston will have an alternate court design for all of the jerseys. Toyota enter will also feature its usual court with red trim. The Rockets will be launching the city edition jerseys in court on New Year’s Eve.

And get this! He speaks! Yeah, James, The Beard” Harden finally address the media after practice yesterday. But honestly, he didn’t say a whole lot. Especially when it came to a trade request. He’s recently received mixed reaction for his action on and of the court.

Here’s that video…

So this brings us to our poll question. Should we trade Hardin?

CW39’s Maggie Flecknoe says “Bye Beard Bye.” What do you say? Vote now!



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