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HOUSTON (KIAH) Without scented candles, some homes can smell like a mix of burritos and body odor. Many do whatever it takes to make sure their home smells very nice for visitors.

In fact, a new poll found the average person spends $221 a year to make their home smell good.  And we might splurge a little more when we’ve got guests coming.

The worst smells for guests are cigarette smoke, dirty dishes, and pet smells, like a dirty litter box.

Here are the top five things we worry about when visitors are coming . . .

1.  How clean your place is.  45% said it’s a top priority.

2.  How it smells, 43%.

3.  Design choices and how it looks, 42%.

4.  Do they have a space to sit and relax, 34%.

5.  Are there enough choices when it comes to food, 30%.