Polls show Hillary Clinton back on top

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -  Recent polls suggest presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is becoming a favorite among registered voters.

According to the latest survey completed by the research firm Social Science Research Solutions, 46 percent of registered voters say they'll back the democrat for president in November. That is compared to the 39 percent of voters who say they'll vote for Republican candidate Donald Trump.

The numbers aren't surprising after each party's pep rally — er, conventions.

Clinton got a bump after her glass-ceiling-breaking week in Philadelphia, and Trump pulled ahead after the Republican get-together the week before. Call the flip-flopping of support the power of the people.

Actually, another recent survey indicates Harambe would fare pretty well at the polls. You remember Harambe! He's was the Cincinnati Zoo's gorilla who was shot and killed after a child fell into his enclosure.

Seems Public Policy Polling asked voters to consider the recently passed primate as a hypothetical candidate.  Five percent said they'd vote for president Harambe.

And so we ask you, fellow Americans, who's bananas now?!?


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