Guess what? Poop transplants save lives

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SACRAMENTO, CA – You might say this next story is one of the strangest to come out of the annals of medical science that you’ll ever hear. After surviving a near fatal car crash which left her with severe internal injuries, 20 year old Kaitlin Hunter, from Atlanta, found herself battling a bacterial infection in her colon. But her tragic story tunes happy in the end, thanks to a little known procedure called a “Fecal Transplant”.

Yes… it’s exactly what you think it is. A doctor shoving someone else’s poo inside of you to make you feel better! And lucky for Kaitlin, this was no stranger’s stool… the poop donor was her Mom! Talk about a parent’s “duty” to help their sick child!

The reason why a fecal transplant works is simple. If a colon is sick due to unhealthy bacteria, a transplanted poo from a healthy donor will help recolonize the troubled colon with new bacteria.

Following the July procedure in Sacramento, California (and with a little help from her Mom), Kaitlin’s colon is cured.

A reminder that, we all take crap from our parents from time to time; but you never know…it might just save your life.


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