Pope catches flack for not backing ordination of women

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VATICAN CITY – Since becoming the head guy in The Vatican, Pope Francis has visited the poor in slums and humbled himself to wash and kiss the feet of prisoners.

He’s even talked face-to-face with a plane full of reporters, but he didn’t wash or kiss their feet.

Hey, he’s the pope. You can’t expect miracles all the time.

And even though he came out and said it’s not his place to judge a gay person who accepts the Lord and has goodwill, there are plenty of women who think he should have said something for the ladies in the crowd, like saying the Catholic Church should ordain women priests.

He didn’t say that, and they think the pope allowing the Catholic Church to continue making the priesthood an ‘all boys’ club is just a lot of papal bull.

Of course, the guys in the robes will say the church has plenty of women to call upon, like Mary, the Mother of God, and the other Mary and the Myrrh Bearing Women who first discovered the empty tomb, or closer to home, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and even Mother Teresa.

Come to think of it, if women can give birth to God and take care of his children, maybe they can do some priestly duties.

Couldn’t do any worse.



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