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HOUSTON (KIAH) – A national non-profit organization is helping kids across the country discover their career passions at an early age.

The American Student Assistance (ASA) says the “popular” career choices for students have changed over the years. The goal of their organization is to develop the ideas and interests of kids at an early age.

A recent survey of 2,000 students conducted by ASA shows the biggest change in interests from 2021 to 2022 is graphic design and social sciences.

More kids are engaged in digital technology such as multimedia, animation, and social media. In addition to clinical phycologist and mental health fields.

The Chief Marketing Officer at the American Student Assistance says kids are choosing to chase their dream rather than settle for a job solely based on the dollar amount.

They seem less concerned about what the career at the end of the journey might be. And more concerned about following their interests and passions. And they’ll just figure it out.

Clay Colarusso, Chief Marketing Officer at American Student Assistance.

In addition, ASA says 78 percent of girls show interest in digital careers like being a social media influencer as opposed to boys.

The American Student Assistance has a survey that kids can take to help guide their interests and lead them to sources that can help develop their passion. For more information visit the ASA website.

Colarusso also has some advice for young kids trying to discover their passion. “Follow your dreams. Let things play out. Experiment with a whole host of pathways and anything that interests you while you’re young, learn about it,” said Colarusso.