Possible murder motive and chilling details revealed in court documents released in Coronado case

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX – They say everyone has secrets, and it looks like some can turn deadly.

That’s because we may now know the motive behind the brutal murders of “Amber Alert” teen Adriana Coronado and her father, Cesar Coronado, whose burned and charred bodies were discovered back in March.

Montgomery County has released court documents which show what officials believe was the connection between Adriana’s father and a shadowy figure named Juan Jaime Solis, Jr. who was called a “person of interest” in the murders and who is currently being held on federal drug charges.

Investigators believe Solis is the man caught on camera by surveillance footage fleeing the scene of Cesar Coronado’s burning truck.

According to the court affidavit,  Cesar Coronado and Solis were active drug-runners and last October, the Feds busted Coronado at the Mexican border with $48,000 in cash. They also confiscated 16 kilograms of cocaine off a bus.

The Feds kept the money, but they did not arrest Coronado.

Investigators believe Solis became suspicious of Coronado after the October incident.

Among the chilling details revealed in the court documents is that investigators believe Adriana and her father were both killed with the same gun.

Another heart-wrenching detail is that they found evidence the young teen was sexually assaulted as well.

If all these allegations are true, 14-year-old Adriana was the victim of her father’s secret profession– of running drugs.

And both father and daughter may have paid the ultimate price…all because of a dirty little secret.



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